Z Type Continuous Tray Elevator

I Overview
    The product is a new generation of elevator, which is characterized by PLC variable frequency speed regulation, brake motor and compact photoelectric control structure. The whole machine is fabricated by high-strength square tubes, thus eliminating the defects of conventional elevators, i.e. the size is difficult to control, and the elevator is easily deformed and thus causes chain and chain wheel easily wearable.
    The carton delivery mechanism of the machine adopts technology of West Germany KAS Company, thus eliminating the defects of hook type carton delivery machine, i.e. the cartons are easily jammed or turned over, and the defects of gap type delivery mechanism, i.e. excessive cartons are delivered.
     The machine guard is made of high-strength large square aluminum screen. The design of the whole machine is simple and elegant, with a typical mechatronics structure, the machine is completely comparable with the imported equipment, and thus its position in similar products is established.
II Product Application
     This product is mainly used for the delivery of food, beverage, medicine, instrument and electronics etc from the production line, conveying the boxed materials downwards from upstairs and loading onto the car for transportation.
     The conveyor type of the machine is vertical up-and down, conveying the boxed materials upwards and downwards continuously through the movement of reducer, chain wheel, chain and tray. The machine is characterized by smooth conveying, compact structure, small size and elegant appearance. 
III Technical Parameters and Configuration
Conveying Type: Vertical Continuous conveyance
Conveying Speed: 15-45 meters/minute
Carton Conveying Capacity:   ≤ 40 cartons (two cartons are conveyed at one time)
Tray Size: according to the carton type provided
Maximum Size of the Carton: as provided by the customer
Maximum Weight of the Carton: 35kg/carton
Vertical Carton Conveying Mechanism:
Pneumatic Components   AirTAC (Taiwan)
Frequency Converter     Danfoss 2900
PLC                  Siemens S7-200
Photoelectric Switch     SK
Low Voltage Electric    Schneider
IV Energy Consumption
Power Supply: three-phase AC 380V±5%; 50Hz
Total Power: 2.6KW
Control Voltage: 24V  DC
Compressed Air:     Operating Pressure 0.4―0.6Mpa
Air Consumption: 20m³/h
V Stacked Drum Carton Conveyor Line:
1. It is made of stainless steel tubes (Diameter 50mm x1.5). The double gears are made of carbon steel 45#, and surface high-frequency quenching is adopted. The roller chain 08B bearing is of domestic high quality brand.
2. All stainless steel frame folded and formed stainless steel frame side plate (304) materials, width of the plate: 2.5mm.
Shaft material 2Cr13.
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