Screw Conveyor


Technical Requirements
Specification: φ1800*W600*H10000mm  φ1800*W600*H8000mm
1. Cylinder body: φ500.S=8mm, carbon steel plate drum, side plate 304
2. Conveyance: chain plate dedicated for screw conveyor, width: 406mm
3. Helix angle: about 6.9°, about 12 circles, taking the drawings preparation as the standard
4. Speed: 25m/min
5. Conveying width: 600mm
6. Conveying direction: upwards or downwards
7. Motor: SEW-2.2KW
Note: the drawing shall prevail in terms of inlet direction and outlet direction and actual elevation.
Application and characteristics of Screw Conveyor:
The equipment is applicable to the conveying of cartons and bottles of various sizes, the skid-proof chain plate is employed, and the inlet direction and outlet direction and elevation can be customized in accordance with customers’’ demand.
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