Picture of Beauty Machine

Technical Attachment of Beauty Machine
一、Technical Parameters
1、Nominal Production Capacity: 20000 bottles/hour (8000—36000 bottles/hour, adjustable).
2、Main Motor Power: 1.1KW.
3、Outer Dimensions: 1500×700×1700 (height is adjustable, 50—100mm).
4、Stainless Steel 304 luxurious housing, plexiglass door and channel steel frame.
5、Distance from conveyor belt to the ground: 1000—1250mm, adjustable.
6、Weight: 600kg.
二、Equipment Characteristics
1、1. It is a rotary mobile beauty machine, the cosmetic agent is sprayed from the nozzle to the polishing wheel, then from the polishing wheel to the beauty belt, then spray antiseptic varnish onto the bottle from the beauty belt, and thus the bottle is beautified.
2、The frequency synchronization control is adopted, thus the speed of the beauty machine can be adjusted automatically in accordance with the speed of labeler, and the spray volume of beauty liquid can be adjusted automatically in accordance with the number of bottles. The transmission is smooth and reliable, and the noise is small.
3、Manual speed adjustment or automatic tracking speed adjustment can be selected by the rotary button in accordance with actual situation. When manual speed adjustment is selected, the operator can regulate the potentiometer on the control panel to set the operating speed of the machine; when the automatic tracking speed adjustment is selected, the operating speed of the polishing machine will follow the speed of labeler automatically. If the emergency stop is needed, the operator can press the emergency button to stop the machine. 4、The machine uses imported spray nozzle and adopts PLC programmable controller, which can automatically adjust the volume of cosmetic agent in accordance with the number of bottles. When the bottle is stopped or there is no bottle available, the nozzle will stop working.
5、The machine adopts high-speed belts imported from Holland (Ai’ai). The belt is green, and there are 4 belts in the four directions respectively, i.e. upper, lower, left and right. The machine can rotate the bottles in 360-degree, and then paint and polish the bottles.
6、The cosmetic agent liquid of the machine is colorless and non-toxic, the cost to beautify each bottle is RMB 0.0015-0.003 yuan.
7、The machine adopts zhejiang tongli motor reducer.
三、Technical Support
1、The warranty period of the Contract is 12 months from the date of equipment acceptance and formally transferring to Party A, same as electrical components on the equipment.
2、Parts that need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear or natural wear and tear of the equipment is not covered by the warranty. However, if required by Party A, Party B shall repair or replace the parts, and appropriate maintenance or material costs can be charged
3、Party B shall be responsible for the free installation and commissioning of the equipment, and the cost of accommodation and means during the installation and commissioning shall be borne by Party B. 
四.Attachment: Spare Parts
1.Two polishing belts and two meters of single-row bottle conveyor middle section will be provided for free.
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