Depalletizer (Cans, Glass Bottles)

Basic Configuration
1. Made of stainless steel (304);    
2. The main transmission parts are manufactured by 45# or 40Cr after heat treatment, and the surface has been treated (zinc coated or blackening );
3. The position is determined in accordance with the requirement of Floor Plan provided by the demander.
4. The whole machine is required to use high-quality bearing;
5. The safety protection devices are made of stainless steel (304);
6. Motor and reducer adopt: SEW;
7. The equipment appearance is neat and clean, and has been processed with antirust and anticorrosive treatment. The moving parts and safety protection devices have been labeled with warning identification;
8. The design of the whole machine has taken considerations of easy maintenance and repair;
Main Parameters:
Production Capacity: 800 bottles/minute
Applicable Pack (mm): 1250×1000×1850 (including the height of pack)
Installed Capacity: 25KW
External Gas Source: 4-6Kgf/cm²
Outer Dimension (mm): 7300×1600×2500 (the maximum height of the machine is 3500)
Net Weight: 4000Kg
Main Power Supply: three-phase AC 380V±5    50HZ
Operating Voltage: 24V DC
Total Power: 12KW
Compressed Air Pressure: 0.4~0.8Mpa
Noise: ≤75 db
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