Carton (Tape) Molding Machine

Technical Parameters
1. Power Supply and Power: AC380V±10%, 50Hz   2.5KW (three-phase four-wire system)
2. External Gas Source: 4~6kg  f/cm2, air consumption: 175L/min.
3. Stand-alone Equipment Production Capacity: ≤ 40 cartons/min (determined by the size of the carton)
4. Stand-alone Production Efficiency: ≥  99%.
5. Forming Bonding Mode: kraft paper tape and Bopp tape, which can satisfy the carton sealing requirements of peritoneum cartons and coated film cartons.
6. Carton Forming Compliance Rate: 99.9%
7. Carton Loss: ≤ 1.0%
8. Noise: ≤ 75 db
9. Environmental Conditions: humidity ≤ 98%, temperature 0~40C°
10. Applicable Carton Dimension: Maximum: L(340) X W(340)  X H(365), can be customized according to customers’ demand.
11. Outer Dimension: L3880mm X W1480mm X H1700mm
12. Weight of the Machine: 1200kg.
Product Features:
The equipment is characterized by elegant appearance, good manufacturing process, and simple and quick operation, adjustment and maintenance. The equipment is equipped with safety protection function, such as overload protection and safety gate etc.
The stand-alone equipment production capacity: ≤ 40cartons/min, the carton size can be customized according to customers’ demand.
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