JD-FX-3A Automatic Folding Carton Sealing Machine (Tape Type)
I JD-FX-3A Automatic Folding Carton Sealing Machine (Tape Type)
1. Stand-alone Equipment Production Capacity: ≤ 45 cartons/min
2. Stand-alone Equipment Production Efficiency: ≥95%
3. Power: 600W
4. Air Pressure: 0.45-0.6MPa, Air Consumption: 1.5 M3/H
5. Noise: ≤75DB
6. Forming Bonding Mode: tape, which can satisfy the carton bracing requirements of coated cartons and coated film cartons.
7. Tape Size: 48-72mm
8. Sealing Tape: kraft paper tape and Bopp tape
9. Sealing Type: adhesive tape
10. Sealing Pass Rate: ≥99.9%
11. Applicable Carton Dimension: L450*W350*H350
12. Outer Dimension L×W×H: 1700×1000×1500mm
13. Table Height: 500-600mm (determined by the height of field assembly lines)
14. Weight of the Machine: 280kg
15. Operating Speed: can be adjusted automatically in accordance with the carton flow of the carton conveyor belt.
16. Safety Protection: equipped with safety rails and safety protection device to ensure the safe operation
17. Adjustment of Carton: the sides, upper part and lower part of the machine can be adjusted manually, and the top can be folded automatically, which is a fully automatic production line. 
18. Electrical and Control Components Configuration:
i Voltage 380V(50HZ); Control Voltage 24VDC;
ii Low-voltage Electrical Components (contactor, relay, circuit breaker and button etc) are of Schneider brand;
iii Intermediate Relay is of OMRON brand;
iv External Sensors (photoelectric switch and proximity switch etc) are of P+F;
v Pneumatic components are of AirTAC brand;
vi Solenoid Valve is of FESTO brand;
vii Conveyor belt motor and reducer are of Polis brand;  
Other electrical configurations are based on IEC529 Standard, not lower than IP54.
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